What does “Humanity” mean?

From time to time I ask myself: “what does humanity really mean?”. Unfortunately, today it happened again…
Everyone defines it differently. But why is that so?
Shouldn’t be this one word fundamentally burnt in our heads?
Just one definition of this one word and not about thousands?! Shouldn’t we grow up in a society which nurtures us with a uniform humanity? Not the way everyone defines it for themselves? I know we live in a world where the statement “unity in diversity” is well preached – and I really do appreciate it, don’t get me wrong! But the main problem is that many people are mistaken. Some send condolences on twitter or Instagram or different social medias using the hashtag  “prayfor..” while some of them aren’t even kind to their fellows who are living right next to them.
Certainly, somewhere even those, who are setting bombs at concerts which many people attend to have a great time, think they are doing well. They probably think they do “their folks” a favour while these are also listening shocked to that awful and devastating news and are ashamed of these people throwing mud at their religion and culture.

Humanity should be equal. It shouldn’t be an “open” definition where everyone can decide for themselves what it means to them. We all should be born with a natural sense of humanity. But apparently, we aren’t… at least some of us aren’t.

We should start by changing ourselves and our surroundings. We should begin by causing small circles around us, like a stone falling into the water. The stone causes a concussion which arises small circles around the spot it popped in. These circles are getting bigger and bigger. Every circle causes the next bigger one.
If we know that not everybody is born or raised with a natural and good sense of humanity, let us spread it on our own. Beginning with ourselves and our surrounding. And it will affect the next circle. And the next… and the next …

Humanity means to take care of each other. Always try to be kind to your next man/woman. Never harm somebody on purpose… And spread positivity and LOVE.





P.s. I’m really devastated by the bottom of my heart these horrendous things are happening in our world. Sending much love and power to the victims and their families! ❤



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