Make a better day

In general, I’m a quite outgoing person and an open book, telling sometimes random people about my life and being naive like a little child. I know it sounds stupid but it’s true. The thing is that I still believe in humanity regardless what happens around me and how people treat me. I believe that if you are kind to others and play a small part in their life’s by giving a piece of happiness to them, someday you will gain this whole happiness/blessing back. So don’t give up on humanity there are still a lot of people left who are good at heart and who will appreciate your pure intentions a lot more than you would expect. Don’t focus on the bad side, just focus on the people who are crossing your way and giving you an honest smile. Be one of them! Go out, smile and make a better day.

I mean who wouldn’t smile back? Everyone would be so positively surprised and that’s a quite nice feeling. Just try! 🙂